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Commercial Waste Management Westgate-on-Sea

With a population of 6,996 at the 2011 Census, Westgate-on-Sea is a beach town and civil parish in northeast Kent, England. The town’s two sandy beaches have been major tourist draws since it evolved from a small farming community in the 1860s. The town of Margate and the village of Birchington-on-Sea flank it on the east and west, respectively. Due to its sandy beaches, Westgate bay and St Mildred’s bay, hotels and guesthouses have popped up along the shoreline to fill the demand for vacationers. Shops and a slew of other services line the High Street. A few factories are located in the area as well.

We may be exactly what you need if you need commercial waste removal in Westgate-on-Sea. The town also has a number of eldery that has led to a booming medical and elderly care establishments. This then means that many businesses in the area will also be in need of clinical and hazardous waste management, which Marget Waste Management. Contact us on 01227 490 510.  You are welcome to contact us with inquiries and questions related to waste management. Our professional approach to waste collection, disposal, and continuing management has made us a preferred choice for a wide range of clients.

Commercial Waste Collection Westgate-on-Sea

We offer a dependable collection service with exceptionally low prices, and our company is well-known for its commitment to the environment, ensuring that as little waste as possible is sent to landfills. Waste collection is one of the best ways in which we manage waste. Our collection services cover all types of commercial waste, so we can handle whatever you generate at your company or organisation. Whether you own a small bakery and eatery along Westbrook  Avenue or a bar closer to St. Mildred’s Bay beach, Margate Waste Management company has a solution for your subsequent waste. 

We provide waste management services to help keep your company in compliance with environmental laws, ensuring that waste, upon collection, is never disposed of in an illegal manner. Our company has a zero-waste policy, which means we recycle as much waste as possible and when we cannot recycle, we employ energy extracting waste disposal processes. Our waste management team can help your company increase waste management activity through recycling and landfill diversification and improve waste management throughout your company. We provide cost-effective, convenient, and dependable waste collection services for commercial clients.

Commercial Waste Disposal Westgate-on-Sea

Waste disposal is made possible and easier by the waste containers it is to be contained in. Depending on the type of waste, each waste bin requirement would be different. Being aware of this, Margaret Waste Management has a range of waste bins to suit each individual’s business needs.  Therefore, we give you a choice of bags, wheeled containers, or static containers, depending on the size of your organization, all of which can be collected at a time that is convenient for you. Below are some of the waste containers we provide:

Wheelie bins:

The containers we provide are sanitary and come in many sizes and configurations to minimize disruptions to your business. They come in five sizes namely, 120 litres, 240 litres, 660 litre, 1100 litre, and 360 litres.

Rear End and Front End loaders:

Designed for commercial customers who generate substantial amounts of compactable waste. These are usually kept on premises and have to be emptied frequently. They range from 8yards to 30 yards. 

Clinical waste bags:

Clinical waste bags come in different coloured bags. Usually, staff working with clinical waste are aware of what kind of waste goes to which kind of clinical bag.


Large amounts of waste are ideal for compaction bins. Mobile skip compaction can be hired or bins can be placed on site.

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